Clean, Tidy Data Sets

The data sets below are ready to visualize and model. They are tidy. I filtered out useful subsets. I selected and descriptively renamed the most important variables. I meaningfully reordered factors.

Name Data Files Codebook Description
gamson [.csv] [.dta] [.rds] [.xlsx] [html] From Warwick and Druckman (2006)
health [.csv] [.dta] [.rds] [.xlsx] html From Barrilleaux and Rainey (2014).
nominate [.csv] [.dta] [.rds] [.xlsx] [html] Ideology scores for members of the U.S. House.
parties [.csv] [.dta] [.rds] [.xlsx] [html] From Clark and Golder (2006) .

Original Data Sources

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Carlisle Rainey