part 1: approach data

aug 27 data, code, and prose [cm01] [hw01]

sep 03 the language(s) of social science [cm02] [hw02]

sep 10 the language(s) of computing [cm03] [hw03]

part 2: reduce data

sep 17 the most fundamental concept [cm04] [hw04]

sep 24 (an aside) wrangling data and pwning factors [cm05] [hw05]

oct 01 location and scale [cm06] [hw06]

oct 08 our first model [cm07] [hw07]

oct 15 the most powerful tool [cm08] [hw08]

oct 22 our second model [cm09] [hw09]

part 3: abuse data

oct 29 probability [hw10]

nov 05 random variables [hw11]

nov 12 sums and averages of random variables [hw12]

nov 19 point estimates [hw13]

nov 26 holiday - only paper discussions this week

dec 03 interval estimates

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